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Sum Summa

the second featured track in the piece. the concept is to be executed in one shot (oner) . we see jaxon, close up, front and centered. the frame slowly pulls back around her as three lights cycle about her face -- shadows seemingly shaping her vacant expression. as the frame continues to widen, it reveals a large group of people around her, dancing in place -- a cadence of strobe light makes them appear as if they're ping-ponging all around her. at it's widest point, the full frame should feel as if jaxon and the people around her are on two totally different planes of light -- conveying the feeling of being alienated from the "crowd."

(technical note: on set, we should have the song exported at 1.5x speed to sync for 36 fps capture. also, let's have version where vocals playback at 1.5x speed and the music plays back at 1x speed in case people cannot dance to 1.5x speed naturally)

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