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Hi. My name is Kuba*. I’m a self-taught** cinematographer. I cut my teeth (and shins, fingers, et al.) working in the camera, grip, and electric departments alongside world-class filmmakers and craftspeople. My experiences on set and in life have led me towards an unwavering love of the collaborative process. As a DP, I work across a variety of mediums (commercials, music videos, fashion, and film), and I’ve made pictures for a litany of recognizable brands (Nike, Jordan, New Balance, FanDuel, Coach, Arizona Iced Tea). A number of the films I’ve shot have played in festivals across the U.S. (Slamdance, Outfest, Atlanta). My hope is to continue telling meaningful stories alongside kindred collaborators for as long as you'll keep having me... ;)

Talk to me?

A list of recent, memorable viewing experiences***

Bad Boy Bubby (1993), Blu-ray @ my couch

Malcom X (1992), 70mm print @ The Aero

Talking Heads  (1980), youtube in Mexico

involuntary (2008), criterion chanel @ my couch

The Elephant Man (1980), blu-ray @ my couch

The Ice Storm (1997), 35mm print @ Los Feliz 3

TraumaZone (2022), youtube @ my couch

The Wailing (2016), apple tv+ @ my couch

Three Colours Trilogy (1994), triple feature @ The Aero

*My legal name is Jacob, but everyone calls me “Kuba" ...which is a Polish nickname that my Polish Parents have called me by since I was born....

**AKA I didn’t go to film school (AKA I've read a lot of American Cinematographer and watched a lot of Criterion Collection bonus features)...

***I love movies, and I love meeting other people who love movies — so please, if you live in LA, let’s grab a beer or a coffee or a smoothie, and tell me all about the last thing you watched that made an impression on you. I’d love to hear all about it. <3

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