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deep blues

treatment by

jacob "kuba" bojsza




on one hand melancholic and blue, and on the other hand nostalgic and warm, a song like deep blues seems rarer and rarer to find these days. the track takes me back to times sitting in my childhood bedroom and listening to music much in the same vein  as this song. it was a way of coping with problems in my life as well as in the great, big world outside. for this visual companion piece, my goal is to portray the arc of characters navigating through troubled times whilst exploring visual metaphors of isolation, inner-turmoil, and unity. The characters will be

the son, the daughter. the father,

and the mother. 




we see ambient, establishing shots of the house in which they reside. as we begin to hear the lyrics of the song, we cut into separated spaces where we find our characters in isolation.


we slowly drift in on each character in their private spaces. the father in the parent's bedroom. the mother in the living room. the son in the garage. the daughter in her bedroom. as we are introduced to each character, we find them singing along to the opening minute of the song. they all wear lifeless, hypnotized expressions. as the first drums kick in, we cut to... 


as the song progresses, emotion fills the face of each member of the family. eyes welled-up with tears. fists clenched. the chorus crashes in -- each character begins to release their inner emotions. the father smashes objects with his golf club. the mother burns a hole in a shirt with an iron. the daughter rips apart a pillow. the son bangs his head against a wall - baring blood.



as the guitar solo weaves in, each character emerges from their private space. at this climatic point of the song, each one of them steps into the open to reveal themselves to one another. we hold for a beat in a moment of uncertainty --




as we proceed to the final chorus, the family comes together in heartfelt embrace. they clutch for one another as if this maybe the last time they ever see each other. the father clutches the son's neck, the mother caresses the daughter's hair. smiles begin to break-through. we can see life comeback in to their reddened eyes...